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Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine

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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: SUNS891
  • Maxcapacity: <1000KN
  • Load Way: Electronic Load
  • Display: Digital
  • Weight: 1000-2000Kg
  • Oil Cylinder Position: Top
  • Specification: 700mmx580mm(W)x1935mm(H)
  • Type: Material Testing Machine
  • Accuracy Grade: 1
  • Loading Method: Dynamic Load
  • Control: Computer Control
  • Power Source: AC380V
  • Trademark: SUNS
  • Origin: P. R. China
Product Description

I. Equipment Descriptions:

The Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Tester consist of the host computer, DOLI control system and DOLI software system, MOOG servo valve, servo variable pump and PARKER piping system, can be applied to all kinds of materials, parts and components of the dynamic performance, fatigue and static mechanical performance test.
Pump station configurations including the ABB motor, Japan Fujikoshi (NACHI) low noise straight conjugate internal gear pump, overflow valve, accumulator, directional control valve, precise oil filter composed hydraulic module guarantee system startup under low pressure, to realize high and low voltage soft switching; with high temperature (above 55 degrees C), low liquid level, oil filter clogging alarm and stop function.

1. Main frame
1.1 Main frame construction
  • Two columns construction, effective width between the columns
530mm (can be customized according to customer needs).
  • Upper beam: Hydraulic cylinders lift and adjust the test space.
Maximum adjustable test net space: 850mm.
  • The effective height of working table: 250mm, with a T groove, and the
flatness is less than 0.1mm.
  • Frame stiffness: 4.47 x 108 N/m.
  • Dimensions: 700mm(L)×580mm(W)×1935mm(H)
  • Total net weight:About 1000kg
  • Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine
1.2 Actuator
  • Located under the frame of the main beam;
  • Maximum static test force: ±1500N;
  • Maximum dynamic test force: ±500N;
  • Actuator effective stroke: 100mm;
  • Double pole piston structure. Sealing method: guide ring + servo seal ring (components all imported).
  • Built-in LVDT displacement sensor, external electro hydraulic servo valve.
  • The hydraulic buffer is designed to limit the amplitude of the actuator to avoid running out of control;
  • Using guiding type end cover design, to ensure that the seal less damage during piston movement, so that the life of the seal longer, but also more to ensure the better coaxial;
1.3 Sensors
  • Load sensor: using 1500N Interface sensor, overload capacity 120%. On the working platform, the replacement of the high and low pressure load sensor is convenient, with a self locking nut.
  • Displacement sensor: ±50mm, it has been installed inside the actuator rod.
1.4 High and low temperature test chamber
  • Temperature control range: -40 ~ 300ºC;
  • Low temperature chamber dimensions: 800 x 500 x 520mm;
  • Inner cavity dimensions of low temperature chamber: 350 * 200 * 350mmmm;
  • Constant temperature precision: < ±ºC2;
1.5 Front panel operating system
  • The operation is simple and convenient, and the appearance is good, and completely conforms to the principle of human computer science;
  • The pressure of the hydraulic clamp can be directly displayed on the pressure gauge of the upper and lower fixtures;
  • The pressure of the hydraulic clamp can be adjusted by the pressure regulating knob;
  • The flow rate of the hydraulic clamp can be adjusted by the flow control knob;
  • Hand control box can be used to control the actuator up, down and stop.
1.6 Hydraulic clamp
  • Different shapes of specimen clamping can be done by replacing jaw;
  • Fixed jaw by stretching the spring and spring hanging column on the clamp concrete, quick and easy replacement;
  • Circular specimen clamping range Φ 3 ~ 10 Φ, strip shape specimen clamping range: 2 ~ 10 mm;
  • Can meet the different requirements of the customer test experiment by replaced the fixture.
 Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine

2. Hydraulic servo pump station
2.1 Pump station framework
  • Sheet metal closed frame structure;
  • Under basement made of sleepers, good shock resistance;
  • The pumping station overall noise is small, more suitable for indoor
and low noise test site;
  • Effective height of operating panel:1000mm;
  • Installation dimensions (reference) : :
  • Total net weight:About 1000 KGS;
2.2 Pump station operation interface
  • Operation simple and convenient, good appearance, fully in line with the ergonomics principle;
  • It can achieve high and low voltage switch easily;
  • The oil temperature, pressure, liquid level real-time display;
  • High temperature, low level and filter clogging alarm functions;
  • Automatic shutdown function with alarm.

Pump station indicator panel
2.3 Hydraulic pipeline and oil distribution and cooling system in pumping station
  • It can provide instantaneous peak flow rate for servo actuator, absorb the pressure pulsation, fast response;
  • Independent regulation and rapid unloading capacity, pressure regulation and unloading does not affect other channels' operation;
  • Improve the shock resistance ability of the hydraulic system;
  • High precision hydraulic oil filter to improve oil cleanliness;
  • Equipped with water cooling unit, and water cooling unit displacement is 100 l/min, to ensure the normal operating temperature of hydraulic oil.
2.4 Schematic diagram of pumping station
Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine

Schematic diagram of pumping station
2.5 Standard technical parameters of pumping station
  • Maximum flow rate 22L/min, maximum working pressure 21Mpa.
  • Total power 30kW, 380V, AC.
  • Pump station has been designed and produced in accordance with the standard modular, it is under mature technology, and with stable performance; Configuration of the relay pressure regulation module, and has been connected to the actuator.
  • Japan NACHI company internal gear pump selection, the pump used involute internal gear meshing transmission, low noise, good durability and long life;
  • The oil pump motor group is equipped with a vibration reducing device, which is used to reduce vibration and noise;
  • Hydraulic system start-stop control by high and low pressure switch valve group (remote servo control).
  • Fully enclosed standard servo fuel tank with temperature measurement, air filter, oil level display function;
  • System configuration in-line water cooler installed in the system return pipe (cooling water users should bring along their own: pressure 0.7 Mpa) on the road.
3. Oil separator and pipeline system: 
  • It is the relay station of the oil source and the actuator to ensure the stability of the system and the cleanliness of hydraulic oil;
  • The configuration of the inlet and return oil accumulator, the filtering precision of 3μ precision filter (with blocking signal alarm device), with the line input, the output oil distribution pipeline channel, etc.;
  • Piping system: High pressure hose from oil source to the oil separator and length of it can be determined per the user laboratory site; High pressure hose from oil separator to the actuator: its' length also can be determined per the user laboratory site
4. Controller
4.1 DOLI EDC580 Controller:
Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Testing MachineServo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine
DC580, it is a full digital control system presented by Doli of German. EDC580 is the excellent cost-effective superior product of a new generation; it is a professional system for full closed loop control and data acquisition for material and structure testing machine. The new EDC control system replaces the original EDC60 and EDC120, in terms of hardware and software has a full range of strengthening, but at the same time, it also maintain product compatibility with the original product. EDC580 is more emphasis on the complex static test to the conventional ten or twenty Hz dynamic test to 250 Hz high frequency dynamic test application. EDC580 is mainly used as a desktop independent system. After installing the accessories, it also can be installed inside a multi system vertical control cabinet or directly installed inside the test machine. There are eight I4 expansion slot, and EDC580 also applies to dynamic fatigue testing machine.
The test data is directly displayed on the EDC; the control instruction is input by the composite function key; the basic data analysis processing program is installed in the EDC, and the control and measurement data are output table format after connecting the printer.
The users can choose the following embedded application software:
  • Test software for soft materials, such as rubber, plastics, food, etc.;
  • Rigid material testing software, applied to metal, engineering plastics, etc.;
  • Concrete material test software, used in building materials such as cement block test;
  • Cycle test;
4.2 Main technical index of controller:
  • Full digital hydraulic servo controller based on PCI bus;
  • Control mode: force, displacement all digital PID closed loop control, control mode can be smooth without interference switch;
  • Frequency range: 0.01--100Hz;
  • Main test waveforms: sine wave, triangle wave, Fang Bo, trapezoidal wave, custom waveform;
  • The test signal measurement resolution: ≥ 1/100000, indicating accuracy of 0.005FS;
  • Signal generator accuracy: 0.01%;
  • Data acquisition frequency: 100KHz;
  • Data processing: computer screen display test parameters, automatic description of the test curve, data processing methods of a variety of standards related to the requirements of the test.
4.3 The main functions of the controller are introduced:
(1)Data display and storage
The maximum sampling frequency of the data is 100000 times per second, which can meet the needs of most dynamic and static test. In the experiment, the real-time data of function generator, load, displacement and deformation can be observed in real time as well as the peak and valley values of the data, so that it can be easily monitored. At the same time, the peak value of all data or data can be recorded in accordance with the set of records.
(2)Curve display
In the course of the experiment, all kinds of test curves can be monitored in real time, which can show the curves of load, displacement, deformation, function, time and so on. The curves show that the time mode and the XY mode are included. Signal 1 and signal 2 can be freely combined to facilitate the observation of changes in the pattern of the test.
(3)Function generator function
ECD580 has a wealth of experimental waveforms for the user to choose, including sine, triangle, method, trapezoidal wave and the combination of various test waveforms.
II. Equipment function
Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Tester, which can dynamically test of high and low cycle fatigue, program control fatigue test, also can undertake static constant rate and constant strain, constant stress under the control of test and all kinds of conventional mechanical properties test, still can fracture mechanics experiment was carried out, part of the vibration and impact test also can be done per the instructions, also on the broad range of materials or components on the fatigue life, crack propagation, fracture toughness testing and simulation, the actual safety evaluation of the specimens, working conditions, with the appropriate configuration of attachment and test software can be applied to various materials of crack extension fracture mechanics, and other various mechanical test. Widely used in aerospace, ships, military industry, higher education, atomic energy, and other fields.
The device meets the following standards:
  • DIN 53513, at the resonant frequency under the condition of forced oscillation of elastomeric on the determination of viscoelastic properties
  • ISO 6721/1, plastics. Determination of dynamic mechanical properties
  • ISO 6721/4, plastics. Determination of dynamic mechanical properties
  • ISO 6721/5, plastics. Determination of dynamic mechanical properties
  • ISO 6721/6, plastics. Determination of dynamic mechanical properties
  • ISO 4664, the determination of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber dynamic performance
  • ASTM D4065, plastic dynamic mechanical property measurement and reporting procedures
  • ASTM D4473 by dynamic mechanical process of thermosetting resin curing state measurement procedures
III. Main technical parameters
  • Maximum dynamic test force: ±500N, amplitude volatility is not greater than ±1% FS of each phase.
  • Maximum amplitude of actuator: ±50 mm, precision value goes from 2% ±1% FS
  • Deformation measurement precision: precision value goes from 2% ±0.5%.
  • Frequency range: 00.1~100 HZ.
  • Main test waveforms: Sine wave, Pulse wave, Square wave, Sawtooth wave and External input waveform;
  • Dynamic test maximum linear speed: 296 mm/s
  • Number of fatigue: 2 x109 times (free set)
  • Maximum test space (from top surface of actuators to down surface of load sensor): About 850 mm.
  • The distance between the columns: 523 mm.
  • Constant pressure servo pump specifications: Flow rate in 22L/min, 21 Mpa, motor power in 30KW.
  • Customized test fixture designed according to the instructions of customers.
IV. Test method
1. According to the test type, the corresponding fixture is installed on the host machine, and then the workpiece is installed on the fixture.
2.According to the experiment scheme, the experiment data are collected and stored. The experimental scheme can also choose displacement control:
  1. Experiment scheme can choose through force control or displacement control;
  2. Data acquisition:Applied by the experimental software, it can display and save the sample's stress, displacement, cycle times and other related data.

V. Equipment standard configurations:

No.Major Equipments NameVendor and Product Model No.Remark
1Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue TesterSUNS8911 Set
2Dynamic fatigue test controllerDOLI EDC580V1 Set
3Dynamic servo valveMOOG USA1 Set
4Displacement sensor±50mmSCHAEVITZ SENSORS Co., Ltd.1 Set
5Constant pressure servo pump station 22L/min, 21MPaSUNS1 Set
6Actuating cylinder/1 Set
7Hydraulic gear pumpFUJIKOSHI NACHI JAPAN1 Unit
8Industrial PC (Windows 7 operating system, professional test software)ADVANTECH1 Set
9Load Sensor Interface 1500NINTERFACE USA1 PC
10Printer, A4 black and white laser printersHP DESK JET D2368/1 PC
11Machine operation and maintenance toolsSUNS1 Set
12Professional test fixtureSUNS3 Sets
13Extensometer 3 Sets

VI. User preparation conditions:

(Following items do not belong to the standard accessories, prepared by user)
 1. 200 Liters No. 46 Anti-wears Hydraulic Oil.
  2. The equipment foundation shall be the responsibility of the user.

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