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Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: WAW-1000
  • Maxcapacity: >1000KN
  • Load Way: Hydraulic
  • Control: Computer Control
  • Power Source: AC380V
  • Trademark: SUNS
  • Type: Universal Testing Machine
  • Accuracy Grade: 0.5
  • Display: Digital
  • Weight: >2000Kg
  • Oil Cylinder Position: Top
  • Origin: P. R. China
Product Description
  • Product Introduction
    1. WAW-1000 Microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine power by hydraulic source, control by electro-hydraulic servo technology, data acquisition and processing through computer. It can achieve closed-loop control and high precision material test. It is composed of four parts: test body, oil source (hydraulic power source), control system and test equipment. The maximum testing force is 1000kN, and the accuracy of the test machine is 0.5 classes.
    2. The testing machine is a general-purpose product. The machine body has been built in double test space structure, tensile space between the upper beam and the lower beam, and compression space is between lower beam and testing table. The test space is adjust by the up and down movements of the cross beam which driven by chain wheel and the lead screw. The upper and lower beams with built-in wedge-shaped clamping jaw control by hydraulic source. Standard model equipped with V type and flat type clamp for clamping cylinder specimens and plate specimen during tensile test.  There are one upper press plate on the bottom of the lower beam, and one below press plate with Spherical pair on the testing table for compression test purpose.
  •   Function Features
    1. It can fully meet the requirements of methods A,B under national standard of GB/T 228.1, can achieve closed-loop control function of constant rate of loading, deformation, displacement, and strain etc. There will be smooth transition between each test procedure. Real-time acquisition and display of test data, and generate the curve of stress - time, stress - displacement, stress - strain simultaneously.
    2. The installation and use of the special testing software is developed under the windows platform, the installation of genuine windows 7 (according to customer requirements can also be changed to windows XP), can ensure the test is simple and general, and test data processing, storage, transmission easy and convenient.  The control of force, deformation, displacement and strain can be realized in a single experiment, and there will be smooth transition between each control. The test parameters can be controlled automatically by the computer acquisition and software processing, and the test results can be obtained automatically. The test curve and the test result are displayed on the computer screen in real time. The test report and the test curve will be printed by the printer.
    3. It can fulfill the requirements of each experiment under GB/T 228.1-2010 "Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials - Part One: Room Temperature Test Method" and obtain the corresponding test data directly, and the implementation steps of test methods in the requirements (i.e. A, B test program). For example: directly Direct strike: upper and lower yield strength, plastic strength, extension provisions specified residual strength, stipulated total extension strength and the tensile strength, yield point elongation, the maximum stress of plastic elongation, the maximum capacity of the total elongation, elongation, fracture elongation, modulus of elasticity of total, and so on mechanical properties of GB/T 228.1 requirements (Note: To obtain special requirements test parameters, it will need to be equipped with special measuring fixture). It also can fulfill the requirements of all kinds of pressure test, and can obtain the compressive strength of the material or product.
    4. On the basis of standard machine configurations, additional attachments can be added in accordance with the corresponding standards to achieve the tensile, compression, bending, shearing and other types of material or product test. For example: a. To be equipped with residual deformation measuring device, it can be used to take the material residual deformation of R Tau which specified in rule GB/T 228.1; b. Equipped with shearing fixture for shearing test of round bar; c. Equipped with GB/T 3098.1 standard bolted fixture to meet the requirements for bolt tensile, loading, wedge load test; d. Equipped with a nut loading fixture to meet GB/T 3098.2 standard requirements for nut loading test; e. Equipped with bending fixture for rod or plate three points,four points bending test; f. Equipped with compression elasticity modulus tester can be used for the determination of compressive modulus of elasticity for concrete; g. Equipped with after-crack gauge length measuring instrument, the user does not the need to manually operate, and it can collect the gauge length automatically after the crack; h. Equipped with concrete ultimate tensile fixture, it can be used to determine the ultimate tensile strength of the concrete. In addition, equipped with steel balls and chains, fasteners and other fixture so as to complete the various tests of the products.
  • Manufacturing Standards
    1. GB/T 16826-2008      <Servo hydraulic universal testing machine>;
    2. GB/T 2611-2007       <General technical requirements for testing machines>;
    3. JB/T 6146-2007       <Extensometer technical conditions>;
    4. GB/T 13634-2008      <Calibration of standard dynamometer for testing single axis testing machines>;
    5. GB/T 22066-2008      <Evaluation of computer data acquisition system for static uniaxial testing machines>;
    6. GB/T 16825.1-2008    <Inspection and calibration of testing system of tension and pressure testing machine>;
    7. JJG 139-2014              <Tensile, pressure and universal testing machine>;
    8. JJG 1063-2010                     <Electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine>.
  • Working Environment
    1. Temperature in the range of 10~35ºC, the temperature fluctuation should be no more than 2ºC/h;
    2. Relative humidity below 80%;
    3. The variation of the power supply voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage;
    4. Power supply: 380V / 3 phase / 5 wire system, 50Hz frequency;
    5. In the environment without obvious interference of electromagnetic field;
    6. Ambient vibration free, non corrosive medium;
    7. Test machine should be left around no less than 0.7m space, and working environment is clean without dust;
    8. It should be installed on a solid basis, and the degrees of level are 0.2/2000.
  • Product Composition
  • Test Machine Body
    1. The testing machine body is a six pillar frame, and main cylinder has been installed below. The main body structure is composed of a base, a cylinder, a test bench, a lower beam, an upper beam, a lead screw, a bright pole, and other components. Lead screw drive and transmission mechanisms have been installed on the base, power by the rotation of the screw, it can drive lower cross beam up and down to adjust the test space. A spherical bearing and a spherical supporting rod have been installed on the top of the main cylinder piston. The cylinder rising power by the up movement of combination of a spherical supporting, a high precision load sensor, a test bench, an upright post, and an upper beam. For the above movement, it also can reach the compression between the test bench and the lower beam. The spherical seat mechanism can automatically adjust the center line action in the loading of the test, which is favorable for the requirement of the coaxial degree of the tensile test.
    2. The beam of test machine has been designed in arched structure by finite element mechanical analysis; enhance the overall rigidity and flexural performance. It is made of ductile iron under international standard (Q600-2) and machining by CNC machining center, which not only ensure high precision and deformation of jaw in the maximum force value is lower than 0.2mm (10 percent of standard of conventional testing machine) to avoid out of force slip phenomena in the test.
    3. The body structure is made of cast steel after heat treatment, and precision machining has been done on it, column and transmission parts are made of high performance alloy steel under precision production. It also has passed the strict inspection and been assemble very well. The machine body is in good overall rigidity and stability, and the maximum load is 1200kN. The coaxial between the center line of upper & lower chuck and tensile axis of testing machine is 5% (which is much better than the national standard requirement under 12%). The jaw has been designed in supporting and liner plate clamp block package structure, and made of alloy steel with hardness of surface at level HRC61 after heat treatment. Loading, unloading, and replacing the plate is very convenient, and it is durable too.
    4. The testing machine has been installed with plunger type oil cylinder, with small machining gap, high precision, and high coaxial degree. The cylinder inner wall has been painted in hard chromium plating, and the roughness level is below 0.4, to ensure the smooth operation of the oil cylinder piston without pause. It also has been installed with imported high pressure sealing ring (Brand: Sealtools), to maximize control hydraulic oil leakage.
    5. The machine design are considered in appearance, convenience and safety, such as: push up and down button on the manual operation box can control the movements of lower cross beam agilely, and test space can be adjusted conveniently and quickly; fully open wedge jaw, clamping force increase upon with the tensile strength synchronous, it can reach reliable clamping status, and clamp cleaning conveniently; the surface of the testing table and bright pole have been painted  chrome and polished, elegant, and anti-rust; built-in small cylinder design for the jaw of upper and lower beam, much safe and reliable than the external clamping cylinder, long service life, no oil leakage, elegant appearance, operation convenient.
    6. The machine is equipped with high-precision spoke load cell, which ensure the high comprehensive precision, high sensitivity, good repeatability, will not be affected by external force after random calibration, and the accuracy of the parameters in the test process. Calibration is simple and convenient.
  1. Main technical parameters
  2. The maximum testing force:1000kN
  3. Accuracy:Class 0.5
  4. Load measurement range:1%-100%FS
  5. Structure:4 columns
  6. Deformation measuring resolution:1/450000 of Max
  7. Deformation measuring accuracy:±0.5%
  8. Displacement measuring resolution:0.007mm
  9. Relative error of displacement indication:±0.5%
  10. Loaded speed range:200N/s~20kN/s
  11. Max distance between the tensile clamps:800mm
  12. The maximum compression distance:700mm
  13. Upper and lower pressure plate size:Φ200mm
  14. Effective distance between two columns:490mm;
  15. Piston Max stroke:250mm
  16. Maximum velocity of piston rise:100mm/min
  17. Machine dimensions:1020×670×2600 mm(Piston lift stroke exclusive)
  18. Net weight:3500 KGS
  19. Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
  • Electric Screw Drive
    1. The space adjustment of this type of testing machine is driven by electric screw.
    2. The underneath type motor drives the chain gear, drive screw rotation, lower cross beam has been designed with driving nut, so as to control the up and down movements of the lower cross beam, and adjust the testing space.
    3. The screw material has been treated by quenching and tempering, CNC precision machining, with features of smaller match clearance of T type threads, high precision, high strength, and operation stable.
    4. The combination of the transmission nut and the transverse beam is the maximum load under lock, reducing the gap error in the test, and also equipped with a clearance nut, to maximize the effect of the clearance of the equipment in the test curve.
    5. Above the screw rod and the base, there will be a damping pad to buffer the impact of specimen tension fracture; below the screw rod, there will be a fixing nut, the nut and the base is not completely locked, but by applying a certain load, by measuring the clearance gap with dial gauge, controlled at 0.15mm-0.30mm, to ensure the smooth rotation, at the same time to reduce the gap.
  • Wedge Jaw
    1. The jaw rough is forged from alloy steel, then thermal refining after CNC machining center processing. Ensure that the jaw cylinder does not deformation under high loads. Ensure the long lifetime of the jaw, and to prevent leakage caused by the deformation of the jaw.
    2. Sealed with imported SEALTOOLS seal ring keep hydraulic clamping cylinder away from oil leakage and a dustproof ring ensure the scrap caused by drop test process so as not to scratch the clamping piston. The jaw has been designed in supporting and liner plate clamp block package structure, and made of alloy steel with hardness of surface at level HRC61 after heat treatment. Loading, unloading, and replacing the plate is very convenient, and it is durable too.
    3. Considering the bad effect of the plate specimen centering, resulting in low coaxial, affect the accuracy of the results of the test results. There will be a centering device for a plate specimen installing.
    4. Technical parameters of the jaw:
    5. Circular specimen clamping range:Φ15-Φ30mm, Φ30-Φ45mm, Φ45-Φ60mm
    6. Plate specimen clamping range:2-20mm, 20-40mm
    7. Length of clamping surface:120mm
    8. Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
  • Hydraulic Source System
    1. The integral hydraulic source cabinet is composed of a hydraulic pump station, a hydraulic source control, machine controller and a computer. It is convenient for operation, maintenance, protection and transportation. The control box, displayer, and printer can be placed on the marble table, clean layout, and space-saving. Hydraulic source system pressure can reach 25Mpa.
    2. Cylinder and piston are made from high strength wear-resistant materials, long lasting working time, there will be no deformation, wear, and leakage phenomenon. Sealing parts are the selection of a very good quality imported sealing ring, wearing ring, dustproof ring, etc. Hydraulic tube made of stainless steel pipe, the quality of the choice of the bite type fittings, high pressure hose, to ensure there will be no leakage occurrence.
    3. Power source is internal gear pump (Nachi pump imported from Japan), to ensure the stable system pressure after longtime operation, and stable operation of cylinder. The system designed to take full account of the energy saving, reliability, safety and environmental protection, components of hydraulic source system can meet the environmental requirements, the noise level is lower than 60dB during operation (national standard: below 75 dB).
    4. The design of automatic cooling device resolves the problem of temperature increasing caused by frequent test. When the system temperature reaches the limit, it will send out a signal to start the air cooler operation, controlling the temperature at a certain value, to keep the system working temperature below 40ºC, which ensures lifetime of components, seal rings, and guarantee the reducing of machine working failure.
    5. The whole system is under the close loop servo control, imported high responsive servo valve of (MOOG), motor (ABB) with high torque and speed stability, spool of reversing valve and sequence valve are imported from SUN USA with characters of fast response and high sensitivity, to ensure the good tracking performance, mobility and adjustability etc. Under the control of high performance measure and control system to achieve accurate closed-loop control, and guaranteed test rate. It is the most advanced technology, the quality of the most superior, the most expensive configuration of the hydraulic servo control system one the domestic testing machine marketing.
    6. Maximum pressure of the hydraulic system: 25MPa
    7. Dimensions of hydraulic source: 1350×600×950mm
    8. Net weight of hydraulic source: 450 KGS
    9. General power: 4.5kVA(AC 380V)+2kVA(AC 220V)
    10. Power supply: 3 phase / 5 wire system
    11. Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine                                                         
  • Software System
    1. System design for hierarchical management. The system parameters are fully open to the administrator. At the same time, the administrator can set up the user rights of the tester according to the need to ensure that the system is flexible and reliable.
    2. The computer will send control signals to the servo valve to control opening and direction of servo valve, so as to control the flow rate of hydraulic oil into cylinder, to realize the control of constant velocity test force, displacement, and deformation
    3. The main interface integrates test and daily operation functions, such as specimen information input, specimen selection, curve drawing, data display, data processing, data analysis, test operation and other functions. It is simple and quick. It can output the data to the printer to print the test report.
    4. When the test force exceeds the maximum limit in 2%-5% (it can be set by user), it will go to overload protection status automatically. When the piston moves to the limited point, it will go to limit protection status automatically.
    5. The machine equipped with high-precision spoke load cell, high-precision displacement sensor, load sensor, digital closed-loop control system, computer and servo hydraulic system composed of a closed loop measuring control operating system, therefore, you can set up and choose a variety of test procedures, can control the process of the experiment automatically and accurately, and measuring the test parameters in each stage automatically, to ensure high precision of test.
    6. The testing software installed is developed based on the Windows platform, which is simple and suitable for general test. Test data processing, storage, and transmission easy and convenient. The curve of the test process can be displayed on the monitor in real time. It can achieve the test of constant velocity loading, constant velocity displacement; can realize segment control of velocity and displacement in one test, and each control can be switched smoothly. The test parameters can be collected by the computer automatically; you can control the testing process and derive test results automatically with the software installed. The test curve and the test result are displayed on the computer screen in real time. The test report and the test curve are printed by the printer.
    7. Testing software can be set in accordance with the provisions of GB, ISO test methods and standards, but also according to customer requirements provided under their methods and standards set, and complete the test. The test data can be uploaded to the internet through the data interface, and the network interface can be set up according to the user's requirements in advance, and we can assist the user to work on the Internet connection.
  • Control System
    1. Full digital 3 closed loop measuring controller is named by "Excellence", it is a new generation of professional control system developed by SUNS independently, with the most advanced PID control chip and multi-channel data acquisition and processing module installed, to ensure the consistency of system sampling and efficiency of control function, a large number of functions of the system will be supported by the hardware.
    2. Real time synchronous acquisition, it can collect the 3 key data of force, displacement, deformation without any delay, and eliminate the conventional scanning collection method thoroughly.
    3. 24 bit A/D full code conversion, no less than 450000 yards of resolution
    4. The measuring range is from 1% to 100% (i.e., even the range of load sensor is 1%, there will be no loss of accuracy)
    5. It has passed strict environmental aging test, life aging test, and the failure rate is less than 3/1000.
    6. DSC IC is dedicated to the automation control, and with a DSP+MCU combination inside it. Integrated the DSP for high speed and the MCU strong control capability of I/O, the general performance is significantly better than the simple DSP or 32 bit microcontroller. It is because the original development goal is the automatic control, internal inheritance of the hardware required for the automatic control module such as QE, PWM, etc. to realize key performance of the system, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.
    7. 3 closed loop (stress, strain, displacement) control function of the underlying implementation, 3 closed loop control complete by the DSC dedicated control module, it does not need the upper computer to participate in the PID algorithm. And by the control system to complete the operation of the bottom PID adjustment and control output, greatly improving the speed of the online control.
    8. The controller has 3 ea. A/D channels,5 ea. QEI digital channels,1 ea. Communication channel and 1 ea. D/A control channel, the system acquisition frequency: 60Hz,control frequency: 60Hz.
    9. Full digital closed-loop control system diagram
    10. Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
  • Electrical System
    1. The new version of intelligent electrical control system set up a relay board, power board, manual operation box board, 3 PCB boards, increase exchanges and integration to avoid AC and DC interference, reduce the fault between the terminals and solder joints. The relay board is equipped with a PIC main chip, and the control board is connected with the calculation meter by 232 serial ports.
    2. The control of switch signal of all solenoid valves by solid state relays, improving reliability and lifetime of the valves (to replace the conventional AC relay which spark for each switch).
    3. DC power supply by the shielded transformer to reduce magnetic interference of communication signals which generated by the inrush current once starts motor.
    4. All logic switching signals can be transmitted to the computer control by a software program, which is convenient for the automatic control of equipment and troubleshooting.
    5. Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
  • Test Apparatus
    1. The high precision circular test fixture which is exchangeable and insertable, the plate type specimen clamp, the upper and lower pressure plate, etc., are made of alloy steel, high surface hardness, durable wear, and carrying a small amount of deformation.
    2. The standard model is equipped with V type and flat type clamp for clamping cylinder specimens and flat tensile test specimen, pressure plate can be installed on the upper and lower jaws′ opposite surface, on the plate of lower jaw equipped with spherical pair plate, can be used for compression tests of materials or products.
  • Product Scope and Basic Configuration
  • Standard Configuration
    1. 1000kN high rigid structure with double space, hydraulic cylinder mounted under the framework, electric screw drive, open wedge jaw, built-in hydraulic clamp, double seal hydraulic cylinder.
    2. High-precision spoke load cell
    3. Draw-wire displacement sensor
  • Standard Hydraulic System
    1. One unit servo hydraulic power source with capacity in 5L/min.
    2. Components contains: cooling system,direct-acting servo-controlled valve, motor, internal gear pump, order cartridge valve, check valve, valve, solenoid valve, oil filter, pressure gauge and air filter, ferrule fitting connection, 304 seamless stainless steel pipe, galvanized oil box, etc.
  • Standard Measuring and Control System
    1. SUNS full digital closed loop control system
    2. Microcomputer controlled electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine dual space special test software (Chinese version)
    3. One unit Lenovo computer
    4. One set Electronic extensometer(50/5)
  • Standard Test apparatus
    1. One set Φ200mm compression test fixture
    2. Circular specimen clamping block:Φ15-Φ30mm, Φ30-Φ45mm, Φ45-Φ60mm
    3. Flat specimen clamping block:2-20mm,20-40mm
    4. 4 pieces Flat specimen positioning block
  • Standard Configurations
    1. One set 1000kN Servo-hydraulic testing machine                                                                         SUNS Shanghai
    2. High-precision spoke load cell                                                                                                     GOLDCELL, USA
    3. Displacement sensor(Import encoder)                                                                                       ELCO, Switzerland
    4. Loading cylinder                                                                                                                            SUNS Shanghai
    5. Hydraulic source (with cooling system)                                                                                          SUNS Shanghai
    6. Electrical control system                                                                                                                SUNS Shanghai
    7. AC contactor                                                                                                                              Schneider, France
    8. Intermediate relay                                                                                                                           OMRON, Japan
    9. AC motor                                                                                                                                       ABB, Switzerland
    10. Internal gear pump                                                                                                                            NACHI, Japan
    11. Servo valve                                                                                                                                         MOOG, USA
    12. Full set order cartridge valves                                                                                                                 SUN, USA
    13. Full set solenoid valve                                                                                                                      YUKEN, Japan
    14. High pressure filter                                                                                                                           Leemin, China
    15. Full set hydraulic sealing ring                                                                                         SEALTOOLS, Hong Kong
    16. Ferrule fitting connection                                                                                                                   EATON, USA
    17. Control system                                                                                                                               SUNS Shanghai
    18. MATERIALTEST measuring and control software                                                                          SUNS Shanghai
    19. Computer                                                                                                                                         Lenovo, China
  • Time of Delivery:
    1. Buyer must precast concrete foundation before machine delivery (We will provide the foundation draw in advance).
    2. When machine has been delivered to jobsite of the buyer, the buyer will responsible for the machine reception, positioning, installation, and power supply. And keep our customer service department be updated, and they will send service people to debug the machine once it is ready.
    3. We will send professionals to the jobsite to debug the machine free of charge, and give operator training of operation.
    4. According to the technical agreement, there will be one year guarantee after the acceptance inspection complete.
    5. Lifetime maintenance service, we only charge cost of materials, labor fees, and travel expenses.
    6. Regarding inquires and complaints of customer, we will respond it immediately, provide solutions for the problem within the same day, and can arrange a troubleshooting on jobsite of the customer within 24~72 hours depends on the situation.
    7. Free software updated service.
  • User Preparations
    1. It is recommended to understand details of test methods which the test implementation reference.
    2. It is needed to provide test specimens for testing and inspection of machine.
    3. Response for product receipt, storage and transportation, and positioning.
    4. Contact your local metrology department to meter equipment.
    5. Working space, foundation, power supply for the equipment installation.
    6. 75 liters L-HM46 hydraulic oil.
    7. One each printer.
  • Dimensions Diagram of Machine
Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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